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a woman sitting at a table with a laptop computer in front of her and a cup of coffee
"Woman Using Laptop In Coffee Shop" by Stocksy Contributor "Studio Firma"
Series of a business woman in the city. by Studio Firma for Stocksy United
a woman sitting at a table with a pen in her hand and writing on a notepad
"Woman Writing Notes In Cafe" by Stocksy Contributor "Studio Firma"
Studio Firma for Stocksy United #portraitphotography
a woman wearing a red hat and white shirt
Ok, ok Rowdy. Let me get comfy and I'll tell you a story........
an airplane window with a note attached to the side of it that says never stop exploring
052115 | kathleenmotoa
Never stop exploring
a woman sitting in a chair drinking from a cup and reading a book while holding a coffee mug
there are many books on the shelf together
#bookishheart • Instagram photos and videos
two women holding books in their hands with arabic writing on the back and below them
#FridayReading !! What are you reading this Friday?
a woman holding a stack of books in her hands
She had thousands of lives in her mind. She was a princes, a warrior, a hero, a villain, anything she wanted to be was who she could be. And then all of the sudden, one day, she realized she did not want to be anyone except herself. That's the day she was set free. ~BethanyAnnHudson
someone is writing on a map with a camera and cup of coffee in front of them
Map + coffee and travel essentials
a woman sitting at a table in front of a coffee cup with her hands up
a stack of books and glasses sitting on top of a table next to a mug
O QUE EU LI EM JANEIRO - Serendipity