Cat lovers everywhere, gather around because what you are about to see is truly cattastic. From sailing through space, to pulling some seriously silly faces, these feisty felines will be able to put a...

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Beautiful vandalism? Graffiti in the city

- STREET ART from Olsztyn, Poland, with a little bit of humor / By Adam Łokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski / Have a nice day!

Cats destroy photos – 15 Pics

Cats like attention, and as you can see from these photobombing kittahs, they'll do anything to get it!

Sketches and Objects Mashup – 15 Pics

The artist and illustrator says that behind every fun, whimsical sketch there are very boring, unsexy steps." Niemann describes his creative process in his new book Sunday Sketching.

Sketches and Objects Mashup – 15 Pics

Sunday Sketching Orange Abstract The Art of Design Christoph Niemann