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Naef Modulon Minimal Wooden Art Architecture Puzzle Toy

Naef - Modulon Created in 1984 by Jo Niemeyer in Switzerland, the Modulon is a wood block toy divided according to the golden ratio. It looks like part of the De Stijl movement or something that Gerrit Rietveld would design or a Mondrian painting.

The parents who dreamed up HULKI wanted fewer plastic toys to end up in landfills. So they created colorful animal-shaped playhouses out of strong cardboard, allowing for easy reuse or recycling once kids have moved on to new adventures.

Jasper Janssen is raising funds for HULKI Eco-friendly designer toys that kids can play inside! A new kids sensation designed with a passion for fun, simplicity and a touch of digital magic. HULKI: Playhouses for a greener planet!