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Julia Grachikova

Julia Grachikova
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OPERA AMSTERDAM, VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUM CERAMICS GALLERY: 26,000 objects all on view for researchers and visitors alike. although i suppose only certain people get to touch.:

The Ceramics Study Galleries at the Victoria & Albert museum in London by OPERA Amsterdam have just been announced as the winner of the display category at the inaugural Inside awards in Barcelona.

good idea for an entrance...may be with some light or video in it....or may be some perfume

Category: Structures with unusual support structures I think this one is interesting because the entire exhibit is suspending from the ceiling instead of set on the ground good idea for an entrance.may be with some light or video in it.


Ivebeenreadinglately: From the Department of Almost But Not Quite


History of Wood Engraving, Bliss 1928 Book Illustration