Zero sum game

Learn how to navigate zero sum games and come out on top. Discover strategies to maximize your gains and minimize your losses in competitive situations.
Five Game Theory’s Concepts: Avoid Zero-Sum Games and Improve Your Life By Long-Term Thinking — Play For Thoughts Reading, Albert Einstein, Games, Game Theory, Zero Sum Game, Logic, Game Design, Mind Games, Theories

Game theory provides a lot of insightful concepts we can wrap in the theoretical framework that can be applied to different fields under various circumstances. Here are five concepts from game theory that have a wide range of applications, and my examples of using them in different areas of my life.

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When you think of a game, what springs to mind? Do you imagine winners and losers? Levels and leaderboards? Vast landscapes to explore? Friends gathered around a table? People working together achieve something bigger? In game theory, there are two basic types of games: zero-sum games where players are opponents, with clear winners and losers – […]

Mariusz Szyma