Ww1 battles

Explore the most significant WW1 battles that shaped the course of history. Learn about the strategies, heroes, and outcomes of these pivotal conflicts.
Western Front 1918 by tuomaskoivurinne Ww1 Battles, Ww1 Art, Ww1 Soldiers, German Soldier, Ww 1, Military Drawings, German Soldiers Ww2, Military Artwork, Combat Art

Description acrylics 2012. Top left: Soldier on sentry duty during a gas attack, wearing a Sappenpanzer m/17 body armour. Western Front, winter 1918. Top right: Stosstruppe from an assault platoon, Aisne, June 1918. Stormtrooper is wearing a steel helmet, with fitted hessian cover. He is armed with Bergmann Maschinenpistole m/18 and a stick grenade. Middle: Lys, April 1918. In the foreground, German ligh machinegunners, armed with Maschinengewehr 08/15 provide support to the assaulting…