Wood tree

Transform your living space with these creative wood tree ideas for home decor. Discover unique ways to incorporate natural elements into your interior design and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Bark of the Tendu tree | Tendu is its Hindi name. It is also… | Flickr Inspiration, Trees, Nature, Nature Photography, Nature Tree, Tree, Tree Textures, Tree Bark, Bark Of Tree

Tendu is its Hindi name. It is also known as Coromandel Ebony or East Indian Ebony (Diospyros melanoxylon). They use the leaves of the Tendu to make beedi. The langurs and the deer feed on the berries which taste very much like the chikoo. We found this bark to be so similar to that of the Crocodile Bark tree. Wonder if we can tell them apart, if there is every a possibility of seeing them together. The size, maybe ? The Tendu seems to be slimmer.