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If you’ve been following along recently on the blog, you’ve come across a few beginner level wire jewelry crochet patterns: Circle Wire Earrings and Wire Fashion Ring. In this post, I have a video tha

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Crochet is a very popular craft and is easy to get started with....you just need yarn and crochet hooks! This page contains links to the best beginner's tutorials and a large number of free patterns.

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Wire Crochet Cuff Bracelet TutorialYet another fabulous wire crochet jewelry project, our Wire Crochet Cuff takes wire crochet up a level by adding in single crochet stitch. This turns the piece into a rectangle that makes a beautiful cuff bracelet. You will need to know how to do single crochet to complete this project. Just as with other wire crochet, this is an ideal jewelry project to take with you on your travels — string your beads on your spool of wire before you go and tie your slip…