White Wolf

Explore the beauty and majesty of white wolves with stunning pictures and fascinating facts. Learn about their habitat, behavior, and significance in various cultures.
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This is a photograph of a Arctic Wolf standing in the brown autumn grass. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. All photographs are owned and copyright by Michael Cummings and Bill Maynard. Do not use, edit or in anyway alter without written permission. Please contact me if you have an interest in using any image in my collection. Taken in Quebec, Canada Nikon D700 1/400 F5.6 ISO 200 EV 0.00 Pattern Metering 850mm Tripod Shade

Tracy Clark
WOLVES, Hi! Just wanted to tell you I admire you very much... Wolves, The Story, White

Hi! Just wanted to tell you I admire you very much because of your knowledge about wolves. One of my favourite animals of all time are wolves, without a doubt. They are such interesting, beautiful and...

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