White upholstery

Enhance the elegance of your home with stunning white upholstery. Discover top ideas to create a stylish and timeless look for your furniture.
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Have you ever found yourself mildly envious (or perhaps secretly suspicious) of people with pristinely white upholstered furniture in their homes? What is the secret to keeping it looking crisp and clean? Never use it? Deprive oneself of life’s great pleasures (coffee, red wine, chocolate)?

Katherine Anne Fairfoul

With Crypton, there's no need to worry! Spills roll right off, stains clean easily, odors wont grab hold and it's disinfectable! Crypton Fabric is beautiful and soft but also super durable with an impenetrable moisture barrier that keeps messes on the surface, ensuring your furniture stays clean - both inside and out. Content: 100% Polyester Width: 54 Inches Fabric Type: Solid Upholstery Grade: HEAVY UPHOLSTERY Horizontal Repeat: N/A Vertical Repeat: N/A Finish: Crypton Stain and Odor…

Mirror Pitakrungrote
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Named after rocky landscapes, this highly tactile upholstery is woven in Italy in both tonal and contrasting colour combinations. With a focus on the products core purpose, Strata is highly durable, being suitable for commercial upholstery whilst maintaining stunning residential appeal.

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