White truffle

Indulge in the exquisite flavor of white truffle with these mouthwatering recipes. Discover how to elevate your dishes with this luxurious ingredient and delight your taste buds.
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Few ingredients are more expensive and alluring than the truffle. Consumed as a delicacy throughout history, truffles have been revered for their flavor, rarity and aphrodisiac properties. Growing hidden among the roots of oak, hazelnut and beech trees, many of the world’s truffles are found in Italy, France and elsewhere in Europe. French gourmand JeanMore

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Everything you need to know about white truffles. Learn how to cook white truffles, where to buy them, and how to clean + store them. Recipes, Cooking, Fresh, Inspiration, Desserts, Truffle Butter, White Truffle, How To Cook, Truffle

Making flavored butter is a great way to preserve and extend your white truffle. Use it to garnish finished dishes (heating will destroy the truffle flavor). I love it on fluffy scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, or pan-seared steaks. This recipe is a basic method (since truffles are so expensive). Using more truffle will result in a more strongly flavored butter. Â

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