White oak tree

Explore the beauty and versatility of white oak trees. Discover different varieties and learn about their uses in landscaping, furniture making, and more.
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Oak Tree: Everything You Need to Know

One of the longest living types of trees, oaks can survive upwards of a millennium. With over 600 different species, all varieties have enormous trunks, branches, showy bark, and acorns with cup-like caps. Since they mature into large trees with extremely wide canopies they are best suited for homes with large yards.

The Poetic Paintbrush
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2011 White Oak (Quercus Alba) - Virginia Native Plant Society

Wildflower of the Year 2011 Emblematic of strength and longevity, white oaks grace the deciduous forests of eastern North America. Description White oaks are robust, deciduous, forest trees, commonly attaining heights of 20 – 25 m. Bark is pale gray and wood is nearly white to pale brown. Leaves are alternate, but as in…

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