What attracts flies

Discover proven methods to attract flies and learn how to keep them away from your home. Find out what attracts flies and take action to create a fly-free environment.
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Common Fly Attractants and How to Handle Them

Whether you’re dealing with the horse fly, drain fly, house fly, filth flies, or blow flies, fly control can be a challenge. Learn what attracts flies so you can make changes like removing ripe fruit or covering trash. Use a DIY fly trap to kill house flies and more. #attracts #flies

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What Repels Flies?

Fly infestations can be difficult to manage. There are many natural ways to repel flies to prevent an infestation from forming to begin with. What repels flies? Flies are repelled by many plants including peppermint, pine, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and citronella. Natural repellent sprays can be made with a variety of essential oils. Flies are […]

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