Welding gear

Discover the must-have welding gear that will ensure your safety and help you achieve professional results. Get equipped with the right tools and protective equipment to master the art of welding.
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ContentsIntroductionThe Well Dressed WelderClothingWelding Gloves and GauntletsFootwearShirt and PantsWelding HelmetsFixed Shade HelmetsAuto-Darkening HelmetsBandanasSafety GlassesWork EnvironmentGas CylindersVentilationClutterDry Introduction The best welding safety practices are often common sense such as covering your body, but it’s essential to familiarize yourself with all the best practices and equipment to ensure the highest level of safety for you and anyone …

Hazel Smith
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Hi guys! I just finished the welding gloves for Isaac. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3. ______________ Obsolete gloves for obsolete workers. Why invest in human equipment when you're gonna fire them all? That's what the fat cats at Bolthead Inc. asked themselves in the last meeting. Keep tuned for more updates! :D