Weight gain journey

Join me on my weight gain journey as I share my personal tips and experiences. Discover how to achieve your desired body weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle.
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Background Info//How it all started: The year of 2016 was one of the roughest years for me. I was going through so many things at once (getting over a breakup/ moving to a new school /family issues/etc.) I was severely depressed for atleast 7 months which resulted in me losing about 20 lbs. I was too upset to eat or do anything, so I would isolate myself in my room everyday for hours and go days without eating anything. Around that first month of 2017 is when it was brought to my attention…

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We’re so used to seeing before and after body pics, we don’t think twice of them. But the point is, they emphasize the weight loss journey by showing how bad the situation was before. Such transformation pics never tell the whole story and worst, promote one slender type of "after" body.

Stephenie Knutsson