Watercolor palette

Enhance your art projects with a variety of beautiful watercolor palettes. Discover top ideas to create stunning watercolor paintings and bring your artistic vision to life.
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You’ve seen them... Right ? Those beautiful looking watercolor charts with a rainbow of fantastic colors. It’s only natural that you want to make one yourself. That’s exactly how I felt when I began my adventure into watercolors. So I looked for a simple tutorial about how to make my own watercolor mixing chart. But

Jodi Shull
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Well, one week wasn’t enough to get my palette in order. I thought about titling this post something different like “Staying sane while charting your watercolor choices” or “…

Kim Richard George
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Some artists change colors out in their palette really often – I’ve tried keeping my main palette of 24 colors pretty consistent for about every 2-3 years, so that as I’ve created videos and classes, I wouldn’t be constantly poking at everyone to buy yet ANOTHER color. This “2019” palette will carry through 2021, and […]

Megan Gauthier