Walking sticks and canes

Explore a collection of elegant walking sticks and canes that offer both style and support. Find the perfect accessory to elevate your look and enhance your mobility.
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How to Make a Leather Handle for a Walking Stick: If you enjoy creating walking sticks from timber found in the woods then you probably have experienced splinters or rough patches in your walking stick. An easy way to be rid of those troubles is to create a simple leather handle. I did it for less …

Jonathan Auker
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Woodcarving is one of the oldest art forms, but we continue to lose woodcarvers each decade. For those who still appreciate the craft, visit the JgS Heirloom Carvings webpage and be assured the art of carving walking canes, walking sticks and staffs is alive and well in Texas!

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How to Make a Custom Fancy Walking Cane: Walking canes have been used since early man started to walk about and needed a tool to help him when injured or over trekking over uneven terrain. The cane is not only needed for the aide of assisting one to keep stable, but also has a history of b…