W.d gaster

Delve into the enigmatic world of W.D. Gaster and uncover the secrets behind this mysterious character. Explore theories, lore, and hidden clues that shed light on the true identity of W.D. Gaster in the world of Undertale.
Gaster's Alphabet by Lea-Lu on DeviantArt --- Wingdings Writing Tips, Teaching, Alphabet Code, Alphabet, Words, Language, S Alphabet, Writing Code, Gaster Language

Description BUT Seriously- I want to know what he says!!! I'm interested and... I didn't say that to anyone just like that! That's why I did this little thing here! *sigh*... I hope you like it.......... somehow... o-o (c) Artwork~ Lea-Lu (c) Undertale - Frisk / Goner Kid(?) / W.D. Gaster~ Toby Fox (c) Used~ Paint Tool Sai & PhotoScape

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☜☠❄☼✡ ☠🕆💣👌☜☼ 💧☜✞☜☠❄☜☜☠📬 👎✌☼😐📪 👎✌☼😐☜☼📪 ✡☜❄ 👎✌☼😐☜☼📬 🏱☟⚐❄⚐☠ ☼☜✌👎✋☠☝💧 ☠☜☝✌❄✋✞☜📬 ❄☟✋💧 ☠☜✠❄ ☜✠🏱☜☼✋💣☜☠❄ 💧☜☜💣💧 ❄⚐ 👌☜ ✞☜☼✡📪 ✞☜☼✡📪 ✋☠❄☜☼☜💧❄✋☠☝📬📬📬 (I don't own Undertale or RWBY. Please enjoy, this is my first story.)

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Description Different Gaster design cause I've seen so many different interpretations of him either being elongated or just a big fat blob. I'm stuck between making him either super formal or out right creepy. But yeah haha. I was gonna draw more Gasters... but ummm... I ran out of design ideas and ummm... too shy to draw someone else's interpretation of their Gaster. So I'll just stop right here haha. UPDATE: 01/10/2017 A bit late of announcement, but this artwork is featured in the Gamers…