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A CUP OF TAE AND A PEICE OF KOOKIE (oneshot stories) (fanarts (not mine)) (taehyung and Jungkook pics and gif) (ranting) (imagines) (Analysis) WARNING SO READ IT MOTHERFUCKERS BITCHES BE AWARE THAT THIS BOOK IS A 《TOP TAEHYUNG🍆》 《BOTTOM KOOK🍑 》 SO DON'T BE STUPID AND GET OUT IF YOU ARE FUCKING SENSITIVE AS FUCK Gender Switch fluff Mpreg smut (I'll try) abusive relationship (well dunno) hybird au etc.... started: January 18, 2019 #295 in Random 02-14-19 #60 in Random 01-01/19

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|fetus writing alert| Jeon Jungkook is a True Blood. But only he knows this, no one else. He is a ruthless monster in a fight and you would not want to make him angry. Due to a past event, his belief on Love and mates completely changed. Now he does not want a mate because he thinks its bullshit. He promised to reject his mate if he found one. Kim Taehyung is an Omega and the most beautiful one to be exact and a most rare specie. His friend Jimin only knows the secret and it better be kept a…

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🐰: Why is your dad so cold?? 🌸: Because he was born in December, b… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Taehyung Fanart, Kim Taehyung Funny, Jungkook Cute, Jimin, Taekook, Yoonmin, Vkook Fanarts 21 Hard, Funny Stickman, Jeon Jungkook Photoshoot

🐰: Why is your dad so cold?? 🌸: Because he was born in December, bringing with him the coldness of winter. 🐰: Ah, a cold winter prince. 🌸: I think he is not a prince. He is an emperor. ~English Translation~ Started : 2023-01-26 Finished : 2023-03-04 ⚠️️ All names, places and organizations in this story are fictitious. The story has nothing to do with real life characters. 🚫 Warning: plagiarism is stealing. Comments, I view as hateful or hurtful will be deleted.

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