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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Posters Feature a Wildly Diverse Blend of Artistic Styles | Colossal Sports, Bonito, Paralympic Games, Olympics, 2020 Olympics, Photomontage, Visual, Ilustrasi, Museum Of Contemporary Art

Lacking the traditional sport and tournament themes of previous years, the official posters for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games are taking a different approach to championing the celebrated contests. Organizers gathered work from Japanese and international artists with a range of styles and methods, from calligraphy to photography and manga to cubism, saying the posters are “regarded as the icons of their age.” Some pieces gesture toward the renowned competition more…

Waleed Mohammad
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*Very few photographers straddle art and fashion photography as successfully as Viviane Sassen. This year the Dutch photographer has already exhibited _In and Out of Fashion_, an experimental show at The Photographers’ Gallery and her hotly-tipped solo exhibition at the ICA, _Pikin Slee_. The latter consists of a series of photographs taken in a remote village in Suriname. It’s a long way, both geographically and figuratively, from the studio sets and powerful lights of her commercial work –…