Vivian Maier

Discover the captivating and mysterious photography of Vivian Maier. Explore her unique perspective and delve into the hidden stories behind her iconic images.
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Vivian Maier: Photography's Lost Voice Vivian Maier burst onto the art scene in 2007 with her treasure trove of urban photography. It was quite a feat for an 81-year-old, but even more so because most of her work was of mid-century New York and Chicago, and she had ceased making images a decade earlier. Also, she didn't ever show her work herself; filmmaker John Maloof bought a crate of negatives at auction and in it discovered her vast archive. He has spent years printing and scanning these…

Greg Inman
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Today’s photo challenge is “half and half” so I chose a few pictures cut in the middle. I was spoiled for choice today. Above is a shop keeper having a smoke at her door-step. Berlin steps, outside the Bundestag building. Olafur Eliasson’s installation at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. Reflection of a street off the rooftop of a parked car in Prague. The encounter of two groups of horsemen on “Sword Beach” in Normandy.

Rania G

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