Vinyl record wall art

Transform your walls with unique vinyl record wall art. Explore top ideas to showcase your love for music and add a touch of nostalgia to your home decor.
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The wonderful aspect of our world is that nothing ever remains the same; things change and everything changes and this is a wonderful thing to happen. Yes, there are many among us who bemoan (especially those of us who have lived through a certain number of years and witnessed many changes) the fact that the things we enjoyed in the past are not a part of our lives any more. That is why this article is about the wonderful world of vinyl record art to evoke the past and make it live again…

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At Twelve Inch, we’ve reimagined the vinyl record display. Our frameless design, featuring no visible support, allows you to easily decorate your living spaces with your vinyl records. Elevate your home decor by embracing the beauty of decorating with vinyl records, and turn your space into a captivating art gallery.

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In the past, the only way to decorate a wall was to paint it. Then we discovered wallpaper. And now we have vinyl wall art. It can range from some clever words printed on a Cricut or US Maker. Or it could be a decorative vinyl strip like the kind that wraps cars or boats.

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Record Album Frame with 12x12" Acrylic Mat (for Sleeve or Vinyl) | Wexel Art Hardware, Design, Interior, Metal, Frames On Wall, Framed Records, Vinyl Record Display, Vinyl Frames, Record Display

This 15x15" double panel frame includes a special "mat" to display your favorite vinyl record albums. Our record album frames were recently featured on HGTV's Tough Love With Hilary Farr. Laser-cut mat holds your records or album cover in place within a 15x15" Double Panel frame. Choose Square to showcase the album cover (will accommodate LPs up to 1/4" thick - Double LPs), or circle to showcase the picture vinyl. Archival record album displays that are easy to swap. Ready to spin that…

Daisy Wall Decoration Daisy Flower Record Wall Decor Set of - Etsy Décor, Inspo, Deco, Decor, Retro Aesthetic Room, Vinyl, Vinyl Art, Wall Decor Set, Music Room Decor

This Vinyl Record Flower is made from a scratched vinyl record. It will look awesome in any living room, music room, or bedroom. Give your Valentine a unique vintage gift that looks awesome on their record wall. Upcycled Vinyl Art designed and crafted by the Woodstock Music Shop. One Vinyl Record Daisy Flower made to order using scratched, unplayable vinyl. This item can be made with or without holes for hanging just let us know! Vinyl Art sent may be different than what is pictured as all…

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