Vintage christmas images

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your holiday decor with vintage Christmas images. Explore our collection of classic designs and find inspiration to create a festive and timeless atmosphere in your home.
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Style is always changing - whether you are throwing away your last year's sweater because it is hideous now or finding the home decor horrendous. On the other hand, something from twenty or so years ago is now comfortably back in fashion. And while in some instances trends change faster than seasons do, other times a vintage style might stay forever. Though you might've never thought about it, even Christmas trees aren't impervious to the trends around us.

Angela Longo
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This is simply a collection of my favourite vintage Christmas art. I make no secret of my love for old Christmas cards, adverts and illustrations - but I'm not sure I've ever explained how I take inspiration from them for home decor and outfits. I'll share some inspiration posts over the next few weeks. My

Samantha Moore