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Transform your home with these easy and elegant DIY Victorian decor ideas. Add a touch of vintage charm to your space and create a truly unique and stylish atmosphere.
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The Victorian period is a time of great architectural glory. With their intricate details and exteriors, these homes are popular among homeowners today who want to restore them to their original form. Many people make mistakes when restoring a Victorian house, however. So if you're dreaming about ow

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DIY Vintage Refrigerator Magnets - Welch House 1900 Diy, Instagram, Vintage, Fun, Diy Vintage, Vintage Refrigerator

Recently as I was scrolling through my instagram, I came across a really fun reel by @homeliving5 showing a fun DIY that involved taking vintage prints and turning them into magnets for your refrigerator! I quickly saved it to my favorites and then to my surprise a few people actually sent me the same video in my instagram dm's thinking that I would love this project, which I did! I had plenty of old gorgeous vintage prints in delicate frames laying in piles around the house waiting for me…

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