Victorian ball dress

Step back in time with our collection of elegant Victorian ball dresses. Channel the sophistication and grace of the Victorian era and make a statement at your next ball or formal event.
The Sewing Goatherd: My Dream 1865 Pink and Lace Ball Gown - Obstacles 1800 Dresses, 1800s Dresses, Victorian Ball Gowns, Moda Medieval, Southern Belle Dress, Victorian Era Dresses, Victorian Gowns, 1800's Dress, Period Dress

I don't remember exactly when I saw this dress, but I do remember I fell in love with it immediately. 1865 Countess Wilhelmina Von Hallwyl Dress (Click on photo to go to museum listing) Instantly I wanted to recreate it, but there were a few obstacles in my way. First, when I saw this dress I was quite new to making historical clothing and had no idea how to go about making it. Second, where would I find the materials for the dress at a reasonable price? Silk Moire is expensive and not…