Uv tattoo

Discover the world of UV tattoos and get inspired by unique and eye-catching designs. Explore the possibilities of glowing tattoos that come to life under blacklight.
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Maybe you're one of those people who like getting tattoos, simply enjoys body art, or loves to keep secrets. Where is the link between secrets and tattoos? There are so many ways to preserve secrets today that it is impossible to even imagine the newest modern trick, and UV black light tattoos are one of the most popular methods. Many people simply cannot resist the urge to possess their own unique signatures despite the forbiddance from their companies or families; hence, the need for a UV…

Mary Anne Davis
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In this day and time, when tattoos can take on all shapes, colors, and sizes, it’s hard to impress a tattoo lover, but Tukoi Oya, a tattoo artist from Australia, literally makes her clients glow. These tattoos are done the same way all ordinary tattoos are, but the UV inks, which don’t show up in the daylight, start glowing under UV light and tell the most exciting stories.

Paulina HK