Ultra trail running

Take your running to the next level with ultra trail running. Discover top tips and gear recommendations to conquer the toughest terrains and achieve new personal records.
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33 Must Watch Documentaries For Trail Runners

We've compiled our favorite trail running documentaries all in one place. They are all free and can be viewed right now via Youtube or Vimeo below. These are perfect for when you are sick or injured or just need a bit of extra motivation to keep up those miles week in and week out. No

Emily Moore
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Trail Running Ruined My Life.

Anyway, the Yeti Trail Runners, in addition to putting on some pretty incredible events (so I've heard, I've yet to get to one) often put out some pretty amazing gear and goodies, with profits going to local charities. And recently, they offered a shirt that I had to have...so I bought it for myself (at an affordable $11) as an early birthday present.Trail running ruined my life.

Justin Stanchfield
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Best Trail Running Shoes For Women

We'll dive right into our list of best trail running shoes for women. Once you've had a chance to browse our picks, take some time to read on below for our tips on finding the right fit and appropriate features for your own specific type of trail running. Here you go... 1. Salomon Speedcross 5

Sophia Cheng