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'Good fences make good neighbors,' as the saying goes. Simply put, the statement implies that fences play a role in maintaining good neighborly ties. Some neighbors, on the other hand, are so awful that they will try to ruin your day in any way they can, even if it means leaving the comfort of their

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Some teachers are not just experts in their field but they are also experts in humor. What can be better than a teacher with humor? As far as I can remember my time in school, I used to love the teachers who used to crack jokes and be funny with their students. Students learn more

Lumiere La Croissant
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If you’ve ever been on the receiving end, you know a well-delivered insult can feel like a gift wrapped in poison. No one likes to be offended, after all, and whether that’s a proper way of ever interacting with someone is always up for debate. But in some rare instances, however, comebacks are so well-worded, so bitingly sharp, and delivered sizzling hot just at the right place and time, you can't help but admire the poetry that goes into these verbal gems.

Isaac Rape