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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Japanese culture and find inspiration in its traditions, art, and lifestyle. Discover top ideas to bring a touch of Japan into your life today.
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More about the Dinnerware as seen in Big Sand Woodworking Studio and their creators on Wescover. Carved Enjyu Bowl Here’s another bowl made from a unique piece of wood that I picked up from my favorite wood dealer here in Tokyo. The wood is 槐 enjyu, also known as Japanese Pagoda tree. Enjyu has similar grain to elm, and a nice light brown color. I’ve only had a chance to work with it a few times, so my experience is limited.… Explore Unique and Original Tableware and Dinnerware on Wescover.

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The Mizumezakura Dome Box at a selection of different stages in the making process. Workshop, Jewellery, Wood Sculpture, Wood Art, Handmade, Jewelry, Handmade Wooden Boxes, Design Thinking, Lathe Projects

About Maiko Okuno Maiko Okuno is a Japanese lacquer artist and woodworker who produces a mixture of functional objects at her studio in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Each item is made by hand, with the process starting on the lathe where she turns a rough shape out of wood. Depending on the desired article she may

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The internet loves memes, especially when special attention is given to hilarious animals. From time to time, while scrolling through your social media timelines, you might find yourself staring at a viral image that seems to challenge the limits of reality. The talented Japanese artist and modeling enthusiast known as “Meetissai”, decided to remove the impossibility of those images by bringing them to life.

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