Transformers tutorial

Learn how to create amazing transformations with our comprehensive tutorial on Transformers. Get hands-on experience and become a pro in no time.
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How to Draw the Autobots Symbol from Transformers

Learn to draw the Autobots Symbol from Transformers. This step-by-step tutorial makes it easy. Kids and beginners alike can now draw a great Autobots Symbol from Transformers.

Jawn Lemon
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All Hail Megatron! Masterpiece Megatron article from Generations 2016 translation

Thanks to the hard work of TFW2005 members Deruji and Liampope, we are proudly able to share with you a translation of the Masterpiece Megatron article contained within the recent Generations 2016-17 book. The article gives a good idea of the design philosophy behind MP-36 Megatron, and lends some good insight into some of the...

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