Traditional bow

Experience the timeless elegance of traditional bows. Find the perfect traditional bow for your archery needs and elevate your skills to the next level.
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About this item The bow is very beautifully designed, it is suitable for people with strength under 200 pounds, such as Couples, beginners, men or women archery enthusiasts (One-handed pull within 200 lbs). It's not for anyone with more than 200 lbs of power, too much power will break most bows, including this beautiful one. It's a great gift for beginners, adults men or adult women, in the bow and arrow series, it has excellent feel, attractive appearance and durability. We have improved…

Jovan Strbac
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Length: 67"/170 cm Material: Bamboo / Ash, Leather Draw weight: 25-47 lbs Bowstring: Dacron B-50 Right or left hand grip (on demand). ⚠️The kit includes: 1 bow 1 Dacron bow string 1 soft case for transporting 1 simple leather stringkeeper --------------------------------------------- THERE IS A DISCOUNT FOR THE PURCHASE 5 OR MORE BOWS. JUST WRITE US A LETTER, AND WE WILL GIVE A PROMO-CODE FOR YOU. --------------------------------------------- An inexpensive and high-quality bow for shooting…


TARTAR RECURVE BOW 25-60# “GREAT AND AFFORDABLE” ORDER NOW Price: 165 EUR The USD and GBP prices are calculated according to This bow is combination of glass fiber, wood and leather. This is a fast, good bow for a woman or a shorter man. They are produced in different sizes and colours, so the required … Continue reading "Tatar traditional recurve bow toth"

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