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Kymco isn’t a big name in the West, outside of scooter circles. But it’s a different story in their home country of Taiwan, where this custom Kymco KTR 150 hails from. The KTR is one of Kymco’s more popular models there—and as you can tell, it lends itself fairly well to customization. Taiwan’s custom scene is rapidly expanding, and the shop behind this KTR 150, Twentytwo Custom, is dedicated to the cause. They’re the custom branch of Persist Motorcycle Company—a Taiwanese motorcycle culture…

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And now you know. If only it were that easy. Let's begin with the Café Racer. These bikes mean many different things to many different people (for a fantastic look at the love that goes into these machines check out or The basic Wikipedia history lesson goes like this. Back in the 50's bike owners would strip down and customise their own road bikes to imitate the Moto Grand Prix bikes. It was a craze primarily in Britain and…

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The major manufacturers are constantly mining the custom scene to produce stylish new motorcycles, so it’s getting harder for riders to choose between stock and custom. New bikes are looking better than ever—and they mostly perform well right out the box, too. But custom still trumps stock in many ways, and some riders prefer the simplicity of older machines to the tech wizardry of contemporary motorcycles. This steezy Honda Dominator from HB-Custom in Germany is physical proof—because the…

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One of the world's most renowned customizers builds himself a scrambler...The Suzuki TU250, better known as the Grasstracker or Volty in some markets, is a lightweight single-cylinder street bike introduced in 1994 -- a throwback to the UJM machines of the 1960s-70s, featuring an air-cooled two-

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"Screw it all the way over, reach through the handlebars to raise the headlight beam, the needle leans down on a hundred, and wind-burned eyeballs strain to see down the center line ..." Hell's Angles ~ Hunter S. Thompson See more motorcycle content: Wind Burned Eyes Twitter Wind Burned Eyes Pinterest

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