Tool tote

Stay organized and efficient with these must-have tool totes. Find the perfect tote to keep all your tools in one place and ready for your next DIY project.

The Shipwright’s Tool Tote was traditionally made by shipwrights themselves to carry the tools of their trade while they were working on wooden boats. It had to be a very versatile and portable tool tote—for a wooden boat builder, time was money so a shipwright had to be able to carry the tools he needed around the boat to accomplish his day’s work. Running back and forth to the shop just wouldn’t do. The tote had to big enough to carry a core group of tools but not be so heavy that once…

Jimmy Hughes
Handy tote to have around the shop.

Building a Hand Tool Tote With Hand Cut Dovetails: In this woodworking project, I'm building a hand tool tote using hand cut dovetails. This project was built so that I could bring a few hand tools with me to my week-long course at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Enjoy! Don't miss the build video…

Daniel Dibarrat