Three friends

Embark on exciting adventures with your three friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. Discover top ideas for unforgettable trips and activities to enjoy together.
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Having a baby is a huge life transition. The first few months as a new mother can feel incredibly isolating. But motherhood is a time when we need friends and a strong support network more than ever. Since my son was born in January, I have come to realize that I have friends in my new life as a mother that fulfill very different needs. After talking with some girlfriends, it seems that we all share six distinct types of friends. Some strange and some strong. Some friendships may change…

Kristen Branning
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Why are we still having to argue that feminism is a good thing? It may seem obvious to you, but there's still a debate. Feminism has proved that women's rights are human rights. Denying that is a blatant disregard for the historical record. So here's a pocket edition of the achievements. Check it out for the next time someone says feminism has a negative impact.

Nicolette Levandoski