The lost sheep

Embark on a journey of hope and redemption as you explore the story of the lost sheep. Discover how this timeless parable speaks to our lives today and find inspiration to seek and embrace the lost parts of ourselves.
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Beautiful Jesus art wallpaper of the lost sheep

Beautiful aesthetic art of Jesus that reminds us of the unshakable love and grace of God. It embodies the message that Christ will never stop searching for the lost sheep, symbolizing how He will never forsake welcoming people into His kingdom. Tap to remind yourself of God's endless love for you.

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Parable of the Lost Sheep Bible Story and Printables

If one sheep out of a hundred wanders off from the rest of the flock, a good shepherd will go out in search of the one until he finds it and brings it back to the fold. Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep in John 15:3-7 highlights the love of God for every sinner and the joy God has when a sinner repents and returns home.

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