The darkness

Uncover the mysteries and beauty of the darkness with these top ideas. Step into the unknown and discover a world filled with endless possibilities.
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Jackie Estacado (Comics)

A former hit-man for the Franchetti Mafia, Jackie Estacado is the current wielder of the Darkness. Charismatic and strong-willed, Jackie is often described as among the most powerful and the most enduring hosts in the curse's long history; having held fast against its influences. He retired from Frankie's service after his encounter with Batman, which encouraged him to turn Frankie over to the authorities and retire from the mob, but at the cost of his girlfriend Jenny Romano, whom Frankie…

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Austrian Artist Creates Nightmare-Inducing Illustrations And They’re Not For The Easily Frightened (30 Pics)

If you've been getting a night's sleep that's a little too good lately and are looking for something nightmare-inducing, you've come to the right place. Meet Stefan Koidl—an artist based in Hallein, Austria whose specialty is the unsettling, the creepy, and the weird.

Luca Mandelli