Thai tea cake recipe

Indulge in the flavors of Thailand with this delectable Thai Tea Cake recipe. Learn how to make a moist and flavorful cake infused with the unique taste of Thai tea. Try it now and treat yourself to a slice of heaven.
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The marquee dessert at Golden Diner, in Manhattan’s Chinatown, is a take on tres leches, a Latin American cake soaked in three kinds of milk, as the Spanish name attests: whole milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk, its unsweetened cousin. Sam Yoo, the chef and owner, infuses the milk with Thai tea powder, a blend of black tea and vanilla that yields a signature tiger-orange hue. The longer the cake soaks, the better it is. (Mr. Yoo lets it rest for as long as two nights, with a flip in…

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These cupcakes easy to make, and a little confusing to eat. (In a very, very, very good way.) See, they taste exactly like Thai iced tea – you know, the delicious kind you order at Thai restaurants to calm down fiery curries and noodles packed with chili. (The one you inevitably end up drinking most …

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