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Discover creative and unique ways to repurpose tee bags in your daily life. From DIY crafts to natural remedies, explore top ideas to make the most of your tee bags.
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New York-based artist Ruby Silvious reuses old tea bags as canvases. On 3 January 2015, Silvious embarked her project 363 Days of Tea. “I don’t plan ahead [what to paint],” she says. “I want to engage people and get them to reimagine discarded objects. I want them to look at tea bags in a different … Continue reading "363 Days Of Tea: Artist Paints Beautiful Pictures On Old Tea Bags"

Upcycled t-shirt bag.  Could use an iron-on transfer if you don't have any t-shirts with Mickey on them that you're willing to cut up! Bags, Upcycling, Diy Clothing, Diy Bag, Upcycle T Shirts, Diy Clothes, Bag Making, Sewing Bag, Bag

Learn how to recycled boring old t shirts that you never wear anymore into a funky new bag you won't be able to put down! Materials required Three T-Shirts Calico Interfacing Scissors Thread Iron Sewing Machine Overlocker/Serger (optional) Step 1. Prepare Your Pieces Find three t-shirts that you never wear anymore and don't mind cutting up. I find that the less-stretchy, not-too-slinky variety work best. Wash and iron them. One t-shirt will be the bag outer, the second t-shirt will be the…

Keira Burch-Hawkins
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There comes a time when everyone’s favorite band shirts have seen a few too many mosh-worthy moments and start looking a little rough. While it’s hard to let go of something that often holds so much sentimental value, there are ways to keep those memories alive while breathing new life…

Brooke Nakatsukasa