Tea shirt quilts how to make

Learn how to make unique and personalized tea shirt quilts with these creative ideas. Transform your favorite tea shirts into cozy and meaningful quilts for yourself or as gifts.
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Get a step by step tutorial for how to make a t-shirt quilt out of old sorority or high school shirts. The free pdf pattern, layout, and assembly instructions make it so easy, even for beginners! For years, I had a pile of old t-shirts from my sorority days sitting in the corner of my

Karen Kratzer
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Hey, Everyone! Today, I'm here to share the supplies and the steps that I took to create a memory quilt made with t-shirts. Find the video tutorial here:A little backstory here...a potential customer reached out to me after her father passed away and wanted to create quilts out of all of his shirts. She sent me home with two big totes full of various shirts with the hopes of creating a quilt for her mom, daughter, sister, and herself. Her mother chose this pattern for herself. I was so…

Carla Brittain
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If you have a collection of cool t-shirts, it’s time to transform those puppies into a quilt! We tend to hang onto t-shirts because they hold great memories: killer concerts, unforgettable vacations, college days. Even if you don’t wear them anymore, they represent happy times. But if you think you enjoy those old t-shirts while they’re stuffed away in the back of the closet, just imagine how much you’ll love having them on display as a totally unique, totally awesome quilt. Click HERE to…

Georgi Sears
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Today, I am going to show you how I prepare a T-shirt to put into a quilt. First, get your iron and press the shirt to get out any wrinkles. I use parchment paper underneath so that any of the adhesive from the interfacing doesn’t get onto my quilting board. If I was going to do it face up, I would also have a layer of parchment paper on the top so that no sticky residue would go onto my iron either. The interfacing has a shiny and a matte side. The shiny side is where the adhesive is and…

Noreen Quinn