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Discover creative and organized task box ideas to help you stay productive and efficient. Find inspiration to create a functional and visually appealing task box system for your daily tasks.
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TEACCH is a very systematic system used to set up a classroom for student's with Autism. There is so much research supporting the use of TEACCH in the classroom. I have adapted the TEACCH system into my classroom and altered it to fit my student's needs. I have an intricate system of Task

Veronica Hardt
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There is something about the structure and routine of Michaela's Especially Education task boxes students are drawn to. They take immense pride in showing off their finished work, keeping all the materials together, and putting the tasks away into their rightful places.

Michelle Hef
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Who is prepping more work boxes this summer? I just love getting new ideas, especially for our older life skill students! Christina Bailey, a transition life skill teacher, offered to share a bunch of her work boxes on my blog! Thank you Christina! Christina works with transition aged students (19-26 years old) with severe cognitive and/or health impairments. Her school serves students from multiple school districts within the county who learn best in an alternative placement. Are you ready?…

Emily Chisek