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Explore the mystical world of tarot magic and discover how it can bring insight and transformation into your life. Dive into the ancient art of tarot readings and harness the power of the cards for personal growth and manifestation.
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Each tarot card holds a distinctly different energy to support your magical intention. You can combine your tarot cards—calling on the power of each individual tarot card to support a different aspect of your intention. This method gives you an even wider selection of energy to work with when you’re performing spells with your tarot deck. Today we’re going to dig into some ways that you can use these energies not just in divination, but in spellwork.

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Since launching Cunning Folk, I am often asked what my magical practice is. I do read Tarot cards and know a thing or two about herbs. A disappointing truth, perhaps, is that for me, most magic lies in the everyday, the mundane, the habitual. Morning walks. Foraging and cooking. Catching eyes with a

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A little spread to help you get in alignment with your inner mystic. This tarot spread will help you understand where to focus your magical abilities, enhance your intuition, improve the effectiveness of your rituals and more. For anyone new to the journey or those who have been walking the path f