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Discover a wide range of tapestry kits to unleash your creativity. Create stunning pieces of art with our collection of top tapestry kits and bring your imagination to life.
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PippinKits Bargello Tapestry Kits are so simple to make (they require just one simple stitch) but are so eye-catching when they’re finished. I have loved designing this Bargello project and am very excited 😆 to share this beautiful and traditional style of tapestry. The Appletons wool included in all my kits is British from sheep to needle – it comes from the Yorkshire wool markets and is also dyed and spun in Yorkshire. Appletons prides itself on the quality and consistency of the wool it…

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Modern embroidery kits based on telling the stories we love and the stories of those you love. Create beautiful embroidered pictures inspired by traditional folk art. Or stitch our samplers to create personalised gifts celebrating new homes, new births and weddings.

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