Tabletop christmas tree

Add a touch of holiday magic to your home with these creative and festive tabletop Christmas tree ideas. Discover how to create a stunning centerpiece that will bring joy to your holiday celebrations.

Do you have a space in your home that you would love to decorate and make festive for the Holiday season, but just aren't sure to do it? This may be the perfect opportunity for a small tabletop Christmas tree. I always stress bringing the outside in, and that can be with a Faux Tabletop tree as well! Substitute your normal house plants with pine and fir trees for the Holiday Season, and then leave them in your home all winter long! Today I thought I would share some Festive Tabletop…

Katrina Svilans
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As a kid, I used to love going with my grandparents to a tree farm in upstate Connecticut and finding the perfect Christmas tree. Well, here in the Big City, the tradition's a little different. Every year, I go to this one, special vendor in Hell's Kitchen, a sweet, French-Canadian couple from Quebec. Fraser firs …