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Explore the fascinating world of Stephan Vampire Diaries. Learn about his character, backstory, and key moments in the series. Join us on this thrilling journey and discover the secrets of this iconic character.
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Paris Carter and Dominic Holten were neighbors and best friends since the day of birth. They grew up best friends and were practically born together. They spent many playdates together, created many memories, and spent countless nights together. This all changed when Dominic left his last year of middle school to start at a new magnet school. His departure broke their friendship and sooner rather than later, they lost touch. When a new high school year started for the brand new freshmen…

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Forget everything you know about The Vampire Diaries — literally. On Thursday night’s episode, Stefan came back from his underwater tomb and lost one crucial thing: His memories. Meanwhile, our hunch that Elena and Stefan are connected because they’re both doppelgangers proved to be on the money. This news was revealed via a witchy new […]

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