Star wars sith lightsaber

Unleash the power of the dark side with these stunning Sith lightsaber designs. Find the perfect weapon to complete your Star Wars collection and dominate the galaxy.
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This is Darth Vindican's Lightsaber and Dualsaber as seen in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I took the original high poly model used in the 'Return' trailer and created a low poly mesh from said model. I then brought the model into substance painter to bake and texture. It was amazing to work on an asset from such a beloved and recognizable trailer. All critique and feedback were given by Brad Lewis and Carrie Meade.

The Saxo
Sci Fi, Lightsaber Hilt, Lightsaber Design, Armor, Sith Lightsaber, Star Wars Rpg, Star Wars Concept Art, Star Wars Sith Concept Art, Star Wars Light Saber

Many believe that the Siths are just some villains or murderers that loves only to destroy lives and kill people but what nobody knows is that some of them are just people who suffered very much in their lives and lost almost everything that they loved and so they joined the dark side. This story is about one of those victims who lost the people that he loved and made him hate the light.

Gregory Malak