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Embark on a thrilling space adventure in the expansive universe of Star Citizen. Discover breathtaking visuals, immersive gameplay, and endless possibilities in this highly anticipated game.
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Repost after I had to take it down briefly: Did a ton of work for the just released Banu Defender for Star Citizen. Was a lot of fun building this up from sketches all the way to a finished 3D model. This scene is all 3D except for the background plate and the smoke. Modo + Octane.

Erfan Fafazi
ArtStation - Star Citizen - Orison Habitation Platform Concepts Star Citizen, Sci, Concept, Fighter Jets, Citizen, Big Building, Star, Orison

I am super happy to share a part of Orison I have been working on - the habitation platforms. With Sheng Lam laying the fundamentals I had the pleasure to work and extend the concept, creating new ingredients for the different habitation platforms. From small to big buildings with their unique hovering platforms covered in greenery and creating landing areas ontop of those buildings for players to land and explore. Shoutout to Gabriele Nicastro who did the Orison Transit Shuttle Concept and…

Leonardo Menezes