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Jim Carrey’s Manic Celeb Impressions From 1992 – Before He Was Famous | Bored Panda Films, Comedians, Stand Up Comedians, Jim Carrey, Famous Movie Quotes, Kevin Hart, Jim Carey, Movie Quotes Funny, Steve Martin

Today, Jim Carrey's face is recognizable around the world, but this god of comedy with a face as flexible as rubber was talented before he became famous as well. These photos from 1992 show a 30-year-old Carrey practicing his brilliant celebrity impressions on the show that made him famous and launched his career – In Living Color.

Person Shares How Dave Chappelle Schooled A Privileged White Girl On Police Brutality Comedy, Comedians, People, Police, Stand Up Comedy, Celebrities, Actors & Actresses, Dave Chappelle Show, Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle, with his sharp mind, unapologetic sense of humor, and godlike rhetoric, has the ability to captivate an audience like... Chappelle's stand-ups have always brought important social issues to light, allowing people to not only laugh their hair off but recalibrate their political compass as well.

Lauren Murrah