St brigid of ireland

Discover the inspiring story of St. Brigid of Ireland, a renowned saint known for her devotion and compassion. Learn about her miracles and how she continues to inspire people around the world today.
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Thank you so much to Bairbre O'Hogan, whose mother was a friend of Winifred M Letts when she lived in Ireland. Bairbre reminded me that today - 1st February - is St. Brigid's day and sent me a scan of this beautiful poster, which the poet gave to Bairbre when she was born. The image of St. Brigid, lambs and dandelion, was painted by Winifred's stepdaughter, Kathleen Verschoyle and was printed by the Cuala Press in Dublin. The poem was written by Winifred M. Letts. As a child, Bairbre…

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Growing up in Ireland, St.Brigid’s Day was one of the best days in school! We’d spend about an hour outside, playing around in the field and picking rushes for our Brigid’s Cross (of course, the rushes would try to take the eyes out of us continuously)! We’d all head inside then to start crafting; folding rushes in hal

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