Dive into the colorful world of Splatoon and join the ink-splatting action. Explore top tips, strategies, and secrets to dominate the battlefield and become a champion inkling.
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Clau on X | Splatoon, Splatoon 2 art, Drawing tutorial

This was requested a lot so I made a little sketchy guide to draw inklings and octolings. I hope I didn't do any mistake!! Please enjoy this! RT are appreciated! #Splatoon2 #SplatArt #スプラトゥーン2

Kristen Benton
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40 People Who’ve Reached New Levels Of Cringe And Got Posted In The ‘Cringetopia’ Online Group

Cringe is as cringe does. Even though the internet is full of wonderful things like cat pics, wholesome local news, and articles written by yours truly, it’s also home to the vast and spooky wilderness where you’ll find the most bizarre and cringe-worthy posts. And it’s the members of the ‘Cringetopia’ subreddit that bears the heavy burden of documenting the cringiest examples to share (and publicly mock!) with the world. These cringetopians have a duty to show us what to never ever do while…

Kim Rumfelt

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