Splatoon squid sisters

Discover the dynamic duo, Callie and Marie, the famous Squid Sisters from Splatoon. Learn about their backstory, music, and their impact on the game. Dive into the world of Splatoon with the Squid Sisters!
Squid Sisters with Octoling’s victory pose. Fan Art, Art, Pokémon, Splatoon Games, Splatoon Squid Sisters, Splatoon 2 Art, Fanart, Splatoon Comics, Splatoon Squid

I do illustrations and comics. I also love drawing a lot of cute, fun, and silly things | Commissions: CLOSED | Illustrator/Comic Artist/Concept artist | Contact: gomipomi@gmail.com | Usage of my drawings is allowed as long as proper credits are given and it's not for commercial purposes, kindly do not edit my works, cropping is fine.

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